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                                          student-managed pro-bono public relations firm is housed in The University of West Georgia’s Department of Mass Communications. Established in the spring of 2014, we boast a cohesive team of 15 capable, young professionals who have excelled in advanced-level courses including public relations writing, public relations case management and campaign planning. The all-volunteer team of students eagerly employs its talents to serve neighboring communities. With the guidance of industry professionals, the bluestone team is equipped to provide professional-level services to solve real-world communications challenges.


Vision & Mission

The vision of bluestone is to cultivate student ideas for forward-thinking communication; help students learn professional skills to affect positive change in public relations; and place public relations students in position to become public relations professionals.


The mission of bluestone is to fearlessly innovate and captivate our publics by providing quality promotion and publicity services. Through deliberate research, action, and evaluation planning, bluestone strives to facilitate an environment for student communication enrichment. With collaboration and dedication to effective performance, bluestone works to stretch and stimulate student creativity. Every idea is to be open to new interpretation in order to provide quality service to clients.


bluestone connects strategically with corporations, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations at the university, local, regional, state, and national levels.  A cross-section of industry and social organization clients provides students with experience that reflects the capability and knowledge desired by internship program recruiters and employers.



Brief History

bluestone was launched in the spring of 2014 with a core group of public relations majors eager to build the University’s first student-run firm and public relations practicum. Led by Dr. Randahl Morris, the inaugural group of students designed the entire look and feel of the brand. As they researched the University’s history, the students discovered Creek Indian Chief William McIntosh and the McIntosh Stone, which served as the official West Georgia College logo from 1980-1997. The stone, made of granite, was once used to hoist visitors onto their horses after leaving a stay with McIntosh. Its inspiring history led the bluestone team to designate the stone as an integral part of the firm’s name and its charge to elevate brands and cultivate forward-thinking.


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The University of West Georgia

Department of Mass Communications


1601 Maple Street

Carrollton, GA 30118


Dr. Randahl Morris

Dr. Hazel Cole



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