Here are the things we'd love to do for you.
PR Strategy & Media Relations


Of course this includes developing a comprehensive plan to tackle your communications challenges. We get excited about planning events to improve community relations, advising clients on best practices for image management, and working with your local media to market your brand. Plus, we can execute on many aspects of the plan, writing content and designing collateral where it fits.


Web & Social Media Engagement

We know exactly where to find your audience--online! We are savvy digital marketers and can take our favorite pastime (social networking) and turn it into a business asset for your company. We can help launch a website or get you started on Twitter. 


Research & Planning

We are no strangers to research. After all, we know a solid plan depends on it. Content analysis, focus groups, surveys and audits are the best part of the gig. Let us do some of this heavy lifting for you. 




The University of West Georgia

Department of Mass Communications


1601 Maple Street

Carrollton, GA 30118


Dr. Randahl Morris

Dr. Hazel Cole


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